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, doug. >> i want to point outgoing over the debt ceiling doesn't cut spending. the fact that the treasury doesn't have the money doesn't relief them of the obligation to spend it. it is the law of the land to spend the money. melissa: hang on, guys. hang on. we have to talk one at a time. what it actually says i'm not going to extend you anymore credit until you get your books in order. why should i give you more credit to spend when you haven't figured out how you're going to live within your means? why is that wrong, doug? >> that's right. in fact the fact that the you know, your teenager overspent their credit card doesn't mean you don't pay the bill. melissa: you say i will not raise the limit to get your act together. >> my point if you want to cut spending pass laws to cut spending. hitting debt ceiling doesn't do it. >> we have go different issues. one is the debt ceiling. the second is the sequester. doug is right, debt ceiling expiring doesn't automatically cut spending but the sequester does. cuts across the board manner, social security, medicare and medicaid
. republicans can demand that the president make spending cuts or we'll hit the debt ceiling and go through it. [ laughter ] or get crushed by it or you know what? we might have to make a skylight in it. sounds nice. it's pretty but they rarely get caulked properly and when it rains, it drips and ruins your sisal carpet. the republicans are clearly in a strong position but the president might have a trick up his sleeve. >> is there a magic bullet to solve the crisis? try a magic coin. some economists, legal scholars and a congressman are suggest a $1 trillion platinum coin could be minted and the government could use it to pay the debt, avoid default and preempt the debt ceiling crisis. >> stephen: we should have known that a coin was obama's solution to everything. it was right in his slogan. change. it's legal in that it is not technically illegal. [ laughter ] let me explain with someone else's mouth. >> technically it does appear to be legal. here is how. >> the u.s. government can print new money but there's a limit to how much paper money can be until circulation at any one time. there a
from the debt ceiling and cuts too deep or aimed # at the wrong program, she says, "hurt the nation in crucial areas like education, technology, science, and energy." what's on the table for cuts? no social security, no medicare, the major drivers of benefits, but are the drivers of debt and deficit. what's on the table for spending cuts? >> guest: okay. there's a lot of questions there. >> host: right. >> guest: first of all, you know, the major drivers of the current deficits are two things. tax cuts for the wealthy and wars in iraq and afghanistan. this has been well documented by economists. let's not pretend like grandmother is responsible for the deficits. she's not. i promise you. yeah, you know, what would define a spending cut, again, cutting the amount of money that would pay for prescription drugs. getting the same drugs for $130 billion cheaper by untying medicare and medicaid's hands and lay low them to negotiation. that's a cut to save money, impacting the big guy, not the little guy. you know, if we sub subsidize ie name of family farmers, agriculture corporations. we
of if we wanted to raise the debt ceiling because obama is overspending. you have to cut spending dollar for dollar by the same amount. speaker boehner has reiterated that that is enough. so has mitch mcconnell. the president of united states can stand up and say that i lied to you and i said i wanted to reduce running. i like you, and i said i was going to offer government reforms. but if he does that, i think he isn't is in a very weak position and democrats are killing themselves if they think that the american people want to continue overspending. and the debt that obama is running out. we can give the president a month of debt ceiling increase or six months or year. then you have the continuing resolutions. because the democrats have not passed the budget or written a budget in more than three years, we have a continued resolution. beyond your points are very good. thank you. neil: they say no deed goes unpunished. did you hear about aig? it just keeps on suing. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?!
and the debt and debt ceiling and lots of discussion about that, budget cuts, spending cuts possibly coming up the top republican on the nature side they may not get to gun control until the spring. richard. >> a lot of political capital will be spent on those issues. thank you so much. >> more turbulence for boeing's dreamliner. a fuel leak on a 787 forced it to cancel takeoff and return to the gate. one day later, a different plane also at logan caught fire. it was empty at the time. united airlines, the only american airier to operate the dreamliner said it has ordered inspections of all of its 787s. it's not a serious problem given the high-tech plane but they warned it could still undermine consumer confidence. >>> the government is calling for an urgent review of the nation's arctic offshore drilling practices in the wake of a series of missteps voflg the shell oil company. this week's grounding of a shell oil rig off the coast of alaska is just the latest in a string of blunders zaents involving the company's ship and support equipment. the 60-day assessment could halt or scale back pla
. so these massive spending cuts will coincide with another debt ceiling battle. is there anything in this debacle that we can all agree on? >> house speaker john boehner had kind of a rough week here. the at a party folks not happy with the deal that he struck >> the president was able to get the speaker to undo everything he had promised he would do >> where are you? mr. speaker, we need leadership. >> tonight i am ashamed, shame on you, mr. speaker. >> jon: republican or democrat, senator or congressman, team edward or team jacob, everyone agrees john boehner sucks. at least we can be assured that as the incoming congress votes for a new speaker of the house, it's clear what the outcome is going to be. >> john boehner won re-election as house speaker today. >> jon: oh, boy. (train whistle blowing) >> jon: welcome back to the show. listen. as you may recall, a couple months ago america was hit by two major disasters. one of them natural, hurricane sandy and one of them somewhat man made the republican majority in the house of representatives. the second of those disasters has mad
the debt ceiling. make treasury -- >> unless there's real spending cuts, unless there's real structural reform -- >> even though this is about previous spending? you were a business consultant. it is hard to sit there looking backwards. this is money that's already been promised. >> we can cover the interest payments on that previous spending. what barack obama wants is more spending going forward in the future. and, frankly, he doesn't have much credibility on this. the senate voted four times when he was in the senate to raise the debt ceiling. he voted against it once. he couldn't be bothered to show up for it twice. >> i want to ask you something quick. apparently one of your professors at harvard is now a u.s. senator from massachusetts. elizabeth warren. tell me about her class. you were telling me interesting things off camera about her class. it was among the most rigorous you took. >> yes. elizabeth warren was my contract law professor on my first day in my first class at law school. she was a good professor. i learned the subject very well. probably not as well as others did r
is going to be rough, and because of things that we talked about before with the debt ceiling negotiations and the sequestration cuts and also a bumping earnings season, alcoa is nothing to brag about, and then we get through that and go through the end of the year and i think gains are backloaded. that was goldman's position. >> makes sense. what's your take on the third quarter, typically good because you've got the holiday spending but certainly a different kind of quarter with the dysfunction and the fiscal cliff and the uncertainty over the economy? >> when we saw the third quarter be reported, we saw a huge buildup of inventory in almost every region of the world. everything ranging from commodities, to industrial equipment, to autos so fourth quarter, some of that inventory got worked through, but it probably has kept the profits down, maybe the margins are not going to be able to recover as quickly, and i think that's creating a little bit of risk to the current quarter. >> all right. gentlemen, thanks very much. great conversation. appreciate your time. let's get to bob pisani who
discussion about the debt ceiling must include a spending cut, serious discussion and movement and action about spending cuts and reforms that will reduce our debt. the american public is tired about us kicking the can down the road, tired of the do-nothing congress. the senate hasn't passed a budget in over four years. we learne learn for the fifth yr running we have a deficit now for the fifth year in a row of over a trillion dollars. that is unsustainable, immoral, wrong for the future of our children and as a mother of three and protector of american's future we are going to attack this crisis and make sure we get to the bottom of all of i that as we move forward. cheryl: i say this in all honesty, good luck to the both of you and the 113th congress. we will be watching. thank you. dennis: i wish them luck. facebook try to create some buzz around their midi even media evt week. setting up this invite that simply says, an to see what we e building. while the invitation is rather mysterious, the time of the event coming near ces comes to wonder they might announce their own smart phone.
as we approach this battle over spending cuts with regard to the debt ceiling we know that jack lew has been sympathetic, supportive of president and his agenda, supporting entitlements, supporting spending and what not. so what's your take whether or not we'll get meaningful spending cuts with a treasury secretary like jack lew? >> well, i think when you look at jack lew's background and compare him to say tim geithner, the present treasury secretary what you see is a couple things. one, this is a guy who knows capitol hill very well. he has spent a lot of years on the congressional staff. all of it working for democrats. he worked for tip o'neill. he worked for joe moakly. unlike tim geithner who never worked on capitol hill he has a sense how to get deals done in congress. secondly he comes from the liberal wing of the democratic party. i talked to him when i worked on my book about the budget, red ink, last year. he believes in the power of government. he is not going to be very sympatico with people like paul ryan who believe the whole role of the budget exercise is to shrink the g
over the debt ceiling. we have a fight in crisis overspending that causes debt. if the spending or cut and there was an agreement but place on the way to rein in explosive and -- entitlement spending and brought the debt under control, no one would even mention the debt ceiling. the key will be to focus on the real problem, which is the debt. acknowledge solution for anyone not living in budgetary fantasyland. make some progress on that. gerri: at think it's budget fantasyland for us. well, the senate has not backed the budget in 1,351 days, gretchen. come on. we are going to -- our debt is going to get downgraded by standard and poor's and moody's and everyone else, and we will have a sell-off of 2,000 points in the stock market, right? >> you're right. on top of not having a budget, we have also had $5 trillion worth -- five years worth of trillion dollar deficits which is what we are heading toward. the four past years, and the cbo coming out saying we're headed into our fifth. gerri: unbelievable. tyler, to you. a poll shows americans have a higher opinion of cockroaches then they
of spending cuts for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised and the white house making it clear their position, they're quote not going to negotiate on the death ceiling or held hostage. we're kind of at a stand still. >> greta: and i know you're reporter and comment, the idea that we're going to go broke in weeks, and no more money under stones and downgraded, and not able to meet our obligation, internationally and fact that the principals aren't talking and posturing is appalling. and any plans to, timothy geithner is going to be leaving before this is resolved as secretary? >> looks that way, looks like very soon to be an announcement, jack lew chief of staff to president obama will be replacing timothy geithner and today, my colleague and i were reporting on a story where wall street's pretty much fine with that although they view geithner as something of an ally and lew as something of an unknown to geithner they feel that overall policy is going to be the same. lew and geithner were pretty much toeing the same line debt ceiling and budget negotiation including the fiscal
fight with republicans over spending cuts, over the budget, over the debt ceiling. this is where jack lew's experience and knowledge can come in and i would expect, sue, and tyler, that he would be confirmed pretty easily. even though he has tough questioning at confirmation. >> let's bring in steve liesman. he is low drama, low confrontation. he doesn't have wall street regulatory. who is lew? >> i think the first theng i will do is begin the series of puns beginning with jack lew's name. let me say more about jack lew, we call this one, you don't know jack. >> of course you do. >> this is a financial education. beginning with harvard and georgetown. but that never disqualified anybody. tip o'neill 93 and '94, special to president clinton. and that's what john harwood was talking about. incredible expertise with the budget. moving on in 2006, new york university as executive advice president. then a stint at citigroup. first at global wealth management and next in a controversy by the way that comes up with a large bonus he got while citigroup was getting tart money. finally reenter
the ceiling debate came around. and if democrats want, the debt ceiling raise, they should have harry reid produce a budget. >> i don't mean to cut you off. but senator sessions is coming on this show later on. one last one. the boehner rule, you want to raise the borrowing rule i think it is sound fiscally and plitly. >> one to one seems equal right? >> but seems like this deal $41 in tax hikes per $1 in spending cuts with middle class taxes going up, i doubt that we are going to get that either. this president has made clear he not only wants the debt ceiling raised. let's not forget, he wanted the debt ceiling eliminated. that is the kind of negotiating that he is putting forward even though he said he is going to have to negotiate. that is what he said for a long time. if the gop plays his cards right and sticks to the spending see kwaester, i think that will put obama back think the defense. stick around. we have much more cooking for you. but look, i shothought obamacar was supposed to keep costs down. we are going to tell you why. later on, team obama going all out an gun control. i
with this debt ceiling and people are starting to talk about cutting back medicare, which is the better bargain? and which is better for the people who need it? >> well, at the end of the day, if you have a medication that can improve the lot of people with these terrible diseases, that is a lot cheaper in the long run than paying for all of the hospital care and other care that you're going to need down the road as these people have their chronic conditions. in fact, investing in good medicines that really deliver value to the patient is an economically important way to go. that's a smart way to go. >> and it has to be the same for cerebral palsy, i have to believe. you've got a 20-person trial going on right now. you don't know what the results are. but 400,000 people have this. if you have a pill that could make people to be more physically in control of their lives, i have to believe that's a bargain for america and it's great for the people. >> couldn't have said it better myself, absolutely. >> now, how about epilepsy. where are we? because when i see someone buying a compound for another
happy? >> it does. i want to see one dollar of entitlement cuts for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised. >> you're not normally this mean, this nasty. >> i'm with you and you inspire me. >> you know what, we are coming together somewhere in the middle. you know what we're doing in a word, two words, we're rising above, dude. you got your pen? get you a pen. we're rising above. where's yours? we'll get you one. >> byron, i want to go through some of your predictions. >> surprises. >> surprise predictions, surprises that could come up over the course of next year. you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the market's doing and consensus is and where it could be taken off guards in some places. i want you to react. start with number 10, that eu structural problems we main unresolved. when i first heard that, i don't think they will be unresolved. you're right, the market has bid things it's looking like the world is better. >> last year, all the european markets were up and europe was in a semi-recession and all the european markets were up semi-20% and i have them down
, no consideration of gun laws it's all about cuts, we're holding up the government on the debt ceiling for the continuing resolution. i think we're going to have an even more difficult 113th 113th congress than the do-nothing 112th congress at that the 112th congress was the nader of congresses. not ralph. eric can't tore wanting to step up it's a shakespeareen type thing. >> cenk: congress has a 9% approval rating. head lice and cockroaches are more popular than congress. do you have a sense from your colleagues obviously you're a democratic you want to discuss gun control. twenty murdered kids, apparently as far as they're telling you didn't do it, they're not going to bring it up. a congresswoman getting shot in the head didn't do it. massacre after massacre didn't do it. is there any amount of murder and mayhem in this country that would actually push the republicans to schedule a vote on this in the house? >> i don't see it, because i really think the republican house membership and the caucus is so far out of touch it's not anything like republicans used to be that were an altern
, in the context of that dialogue and the need to raise the debt ceiling and the focus now on spending cuts, it will be interesting over the next few weeks to see were corporate tax reform falls out on that conversation. >> i made my way over here. >> david. can you tell us what is your top legislative priority this year? >> we have a lot of priorities. as i mentioned in the earlier comments, the first one is to encourage government and policymakers to do no harm. if we look at the game changing opportunities occurring in the energy area, it is truly revolutionary. so our first council of look to our priority is to say don't do anything that would discourage that investment and economic activity. so when we look at priorities, we first look at issues like regulatory regimes. we look to the congress and say, what else can we do to open up other areas for access? we're not talking about national parks. we're not talking about sensitive areas. we're talking about areas that have potential for vast oil and natural gas development. where the industry would be prepared to invest billions of dolla
there, that the president says no spending cuts, even as we approach this debt ceiling debate. i think that really sets the tone for the rest of the year and the rest of the administration, does it not? >> yeah, it really does, stuart. and you know, when speaker boyner told me thboyne boyne-- boehner told me that, my jaw dropped, i think your jaw dropped probably when you heard it, too, because if the president says we don't have a spending problem, what's the first stage of recovery from addiction, you have to acknowledge you've got a problem, right? so i think that tells a lot about why they didn't reach a deal, but you know, i'll make this point, stuart. i think that republicans, now that that tax deal is done, i think they are now negotiating from higher ground. now shall as you've heard john boehner and mitch mcconnell say now it's all going to be about spending. if they don't reach a deal, you've got, as you know, you mentioned the debt ceiling, don't forget the other cliff that we face, which starts on march 1st now, which is those automatic across the board spending cuts which
and the presidency. the debt ceiling, and the sequestration also a continuing resolution. of three moments are a good moment to do with spending but they are very different. sequestration is we will cut spending $100 billion. >> what i asked is can we trust congress to do the right thing when it comes to the debt ceiling? seventy-seven% of the people say washington d.c. is hurting the nation. folks are on to the game how likely is you can solve the debt ceiling issue and also save money? >> that will complete the depend on everybody coming to the table. we have the senate that things one thing in the house that thinks something different to. and tell there on the same page it is tough. the senate has not passed a budget in four years? it makes it difficult to do a budget agreement. so we have to get to the table. our hope is they will put out a budget. >> congressmen where should we cut spending? >> start with everything from 2007. we spend $1 trillion more per year than 2007 with a bunch of small items say why has this increased in five years' time? 2007 inflation-adjusted we would be almost in bala
the tax cut. president obama has said he will not negotiate with republicans over raising the debt ceiling. and yet they say that he's going to have to and they're going to make commands on him if he wants to raise it. are liberals going to say that obama is caving way too soon? >> he's already caved. already by allowing this to go to another day, that was a cave-in. we've heard him say how many times he won't negotiate with republicans. i love this idea. and i think you know, people are saying it is crazy but the other side what they're going to do is very, very crazy. but the president doesn't like to do things like this. and i can't see him actually doing it. >> john: going big? >> i can't see it happening. >> john: let's move on to another fight the president is about to face, the nomination of chuck hagel former republican senator from nebraska, for secretary of defense. rick, what makes chuck hagel harder to get confirmed? his anti-gay comments from 15 years ago his reference to the jewish lobby or the fact that obama likes him for the gig? >> probably the last. because this is all a
. they have not only those spending cuts that were delayed as part of the fiscal cliff, they have the debt ceiling to deal with and now these nominations of chuck hagel and john brennan over to the defense department and cia. so now, it is a question of how much time they have, but a lot of people will be watching, does harry reid make that time? >> some states are taking this one step further, proposing state laws that would make it criminal for a doctor like yourself to ask a patient. you could lose your medical license for asking, is that correct? >> yeah, it was even more than that in the original version of the bill down in florida, for example. and there are seven other states like this. the original version is that you could impose jail time for simply asking. so a physician asking a patient about guns could land them in jail, according to the original version. there was a scaled back version that was subsequently put forward, that you could still lose your medical license, you could get financial penalties. that was subsequently overturned by a federal judge, but it's being appeale
house believes he does not have. >> congress has the responsibility and sole authority to raise debt ceiling. >> 20 house democrats sent a letter to the president about house republicans withholding support without the spending cuts and they won in the event they follow through on this reckless threat we support the use of 14th amendment. the 14th amendment says the validity of the public debt shall not be questioned. leader of the house democrats urged the white house to ignore congress in this case. >> i would do in a second. i'm not the president of the united states. >> the house republican leadership aide says democrats refuse to responsibly address the spending problem and rather than offer solutions they choose to advocate their responsibility. speaker boehner and the house g.o.p. leadership team said the debt limit must be accompanied by reform in greater amount. >> we need spending cut and real tax reform to address the long-term debt problem and pave the way for long-term growth and real growth in jobs in our country. >> with the white house insisting it won't negotiate on
more recently under president obama. he was a key player during the 2011 debt ceiling talks that almost shut down the government. going to have his work cut out for him. democrats and republicans on capitol hill gear up for that battle over extending the debt ceiling with the global embarrassment that serves as economic policy debate in washington these days. i have a hunch tim gheit neeith won't miss taking part in another one of those showdowns. >>> aig made the right decision, the decision not to join a crabby shareholder lawsuit against the u.s. government. probably heard by now about the lawsuit, led by former aig ceo maurice hank greenberg. it claims the terms of the $182 billion government bailout which saved the company possibly planet earth as well from financial meltdown were too harsh. the lawsuit was looking for $25 billion. pretty outrageous. but the board did have a responsibility to take a look at the lawsuit and decide whether or not to join it. the company's board met today and made the right decision. the case will go forward, however. aig won't be a party to it. the g
house will not negotiate on raising the debt ceiling, are you willing to accept that principle? >> the president has been very clear his absolute principle is we need to reduce our deficit in a balanced way that does not shift all the burden troop cuts exclusively on senior citizens. on families who have disabled children, families were trying to send their kids to school. that is unacceptable. one of the things we learned in the process we went through last year is when it comes to specificity, we never saw any specificity from republicans in terms of how they would achieve the kind of sweeping cuts they say they want. and from home with the demand that payment and what the president has been clear about is he will not negotiate. it is congress's responsibility to pay its bills. he will negotiate and is willing to compromise as his demonstrated repeatedly when it comes to moving forward in a balanced way to reduce the deficit. we have to do with the sequester. we have to deal with a variety of budgetary and economic and fiscal challenges. he will not negotiate over the debt ce
while we're debating these things. you have to increase the debt ceiling and keep the debate going and look to continue to cut spending. jon: we'll have you back another time to talk more about this. you obviously put a lot of thought into it. former congressman dennis kucinich. >> thank you. jenna: speaking after the pentagon, we talked a let about the planned troop withdrawal in afghanistan. now there is word the united states may take out all the troops leaving no american soldiers there. what is behind the so-called zero option? we go in depth next. jon: a fox news alert now. new details emerging on that commuter ferry crash in new york city. rick is live at the breaking news desk for us. >> we're tracking this from down in the newsroom because the details are changing quickly, jon. as you say a commuter ferry bringing people from new jersey along the east river to lower manhattan. we're told that's when they had what is called a hard landing. the ferry captain trying to dock right at the pier. not clear why there was this hard landing but there are many injuries. 57 people wer
question after question about raising the debt ceiling on monday. >> it is a hostage worth ransoming, is that the strategy you would ransom that again here, to force the kind of spending cuts that you think are necessary? >> it is a shame we have to use whatever leverage we have in congress to get the president to deal with the biggest problem confronting our future, and that is our excessive spending. >> but you're conceding that that may be the strategy this time? >> well, what the strategy ought to be is we ought to be doing something about the problem. >> you heard the president, he said he will not negotiate over increasing the debt ceiling. you're saying despite whatever the business community thinks, you may have to push it to the brink once again? >> well, what we're saying here is the problem, the biggest problem confronting the country is our excessive spending. >> and even house speaker john boehner conceded in a recent interview with "the wall street journal," that the debt is one point of leverage but not the ultimate leverage. joining me now, ryan grim, it sounds to me,
the strings that the republicans want to attach to the debt ceiling. what's the other thing you are working ol to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> it's a reimplementation. this was elimination of hypocracy. what it would say is that when we voted on a budget the debt ceiling would be up or down to accommodate the budget we just voted for. you would have a joining rather than a separation of authorizing spending in the obligation to pay for it. so, let me give you an example, the ryan bucket my colleagues all voted for would require the debt ceiling to go up $5 trillion because it slashed taxes so much. in order to accommodate the budget they voted for, they voted when the debt ceiling comes up the high and mighty they are against big spending even though they sold it for a budget that required to go at $5 trillion. >> you have to face this question of what it means to the debt ceiling at the moment you authorized for the spending in the rant budget or the unfunded iraq or afghanistan wars. >> i hope you would explain that to some of the vie
go again, in the next major debt battle which has to do with the debt ceiling, the next chapter of this whole thing. they gave up on the tax hikes in the fiscal cliff deal. democrats have promised to deal with cuts during the next fight and extending the nation's credit card limit but critics say the potential nomination of the white house chief of staff jack lew to treasury secretary shows president obama has no intention following through on cuts. here is charles krauthamer on this last night. >> he is not interested in spending cuts. he is not interested in reform. he wants to defend the entitlement state. he wants to defend obamacare. even add on to it. he calls it investments. of course normal people would call it spending. and lew is the guy you want if you want to hold the fort what i call reactionary liberalism. you have the great achievements of the last century in building an entitlement state. he is the guy who would defend the for the. martha: great achievement in building entitlement society. says charles krauthamer. we have marjorie clifton and braid blakeman. good
approach. the fact, for example, in terms of the debt ceiling, he's just simply rule ought certain ways to be able to deal with it. or again in the campaign, you promise 2 $1/2 of cuts for every increase. so what's occurring here, both sides have emerged out of an election. the president i would argue, not surprisingly, has been particularly rigid here as well. and what they both have to do is pig out how do they actually get to the table and negotiate. having that said that one other thing given the last round of negotiations i know the speaker was not particularly happy and going in and negotiating with the president doesn't product results. >> gentlemen, thank you. there's another issue, and that's one we're talking about a lot today that congress has been slow to act on in the past. but momentum and support are building, it seems, for tougher gun laws in the wake of last month's newtown, connecticut, school tragedy. richard lui has been looking at how the u.s. stacks up against other countries when it up cans to gun ownership and violence. what did you find out? the united states ha
to raise the debt ceiling until there are severe, dramatic and severe spending cuts, keeping in mind the last time we debated this, the credit rating of the united states is lower. are you willing to risk that again? >> i think we need to stand firm on getting some real significant spending reductions. we've now done what the president wanted to do. he wanted to raise taxes on the highest earning americans and republicans have now acquiesced to that. now it's time for the president to stand up and say here is what i need to do. if he's going to be a credible compromiser, he needs to stand up. >> do republicans refuse to raise the debt limit if those spending cuts are not deep enough? >> we've got a bunch of different options at our disposal. continuing resolution coming up in march. you have a number of other things that you can do that includes the debt ceiling. my point is that you have to get to the table and start working now. if we wait before the week or so before to start talking to each other we won't get it done. >> you forged a nice relationship with the president in the wa
the spending. the kicking the can down the road. in august, they raise the debt ceiling, and what did we get in return? finding a way to cut spending. how much did they cut? 0. we do not target anyone any single vote could we look for a pattern of behavior. we look at the scores as a compilation of their service. this is one vote. host: there was this headline from "mihill -- the hill" -- guest: we did not write that headline. we did score the sandy road, and we think people should get the relief they deserve, but we have disasters every year, and every time that we have them, it is the same response, let's pass a bloated disaster relief bill that is not paid for. my only -- our belief is to put money aside that is needed, and let's pay for it. if we have to help those in need, there are probably other places we do not need to spend the money. just making it an additive and putting ourselves in that is a disaster. host: let me show you what governor chris christie had to say about this in his state of the state address yesterday. [video clip] >> we as the state had waited 72 days, and one th
that this deadline, the debt ceiling may be reached by february 15th. basically 40% of spending gets cut off. and the treasury is going to have to make decisions about whether to pay social security checks or tax refunds or paying our soldiers or paying the fbi. these are choices that now becoming a little bit more real and i don't think there's anybody in the republicans -- well, there are a few but most people know this would be nuts. >> this is why congress is less popular now than getting simultaneous root canals ands colonoscopies and listening to nickelback. >> stephanie: not talking about you. >> i certainly hope not. >> stephanie: how does this play out? the exact same way? will it be 11th hour again? >> well, that wouldn't surprise me a bit. but the 11th hour is kind of -- not as precise as what it was with december 31st and january 1st. it is an estimate that it is february 15th. we won't know exactly. at some point if they get the printing press warmed up for the platinum coin -- >> stephanie: which, by the way, you should be on. absolutely. >> that would be one for the record boo
on the debt ceiling. you've got guys like mcconnell and boehner say -- >> you may be right. the restoration of the old northwest republican party under the leadership of chris christie. somebody's got to bring it back which you're part of. you don't act like it sometimes. you're going to be one of them. wouldn't you like to be press secretary to chris christie of the united states? what a job. >>> what's wrong with this picture? here's what a gathering of president obama's top cabinet officials and aides might look like. a lot of people are looking at this saying where are the women and minorities? the group that put the president back in the white house. >>> also could the answer to the gop's problems be found somewhere in the swamps of jersey? sounds like the colonial wars. that's a bruce springsteen reference. now one of the biggest fans is chris christie. he may be what they need to break out of their super religious people. here's my question. how does a pragmatist like christie get through a tea party driven primary season. >>> christie wants to save the party from itself. republicans
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